CultureFuse partners with our clients to create thoughtful and effective design for international and multicultural audiences in the U.S. We are always guided by respect, cultural empathy and an understanding of both the similarities and differences among diverse people experiencing our work.

Print and Digital Design

We provide these services by offering strategic consulting to clients as well as producing work from start to finish ourselves. Our expertise includes:

  • Intercultural communications and graphics
  • Cross-cultural branding and marketing communications
  • Multilingual information and signage

Music Design
(for adults and children)

What brings people together and enriches children’s lives more than the universal language of music? We can design a special repertoire and digital music arrangements based on the cultures specified by our clients and the plan of an event. Music scores for live performances and voice recordings can be included.

Table Décor
(for adults and children)

Everyone at your table – from youngest to oldest – will feel included and appreciated when their heritage is celebrated and will also enjoy seeing different traditions. CultureFuse designs custom tabletop linens and accessories based on the cultures and cuisines represented at your event and the considerations of your guests.