CultureFuse was founded on the belief that this world is a beautiful place and that our intercultural work can help bring people together and promote a pluralistic environment for future generations to live in harmony and peace.

I launched the company at an unusual moment — right before the start of the global pandemic and major conflicts that tore many cultures apart and impacted people of all ages. Although this created an especially challenging time for businesses, I continued developing CultureFuse, because it was clear that our work had become even more relevant.

I am proud to have built an extraordinary interdisciplinary team of experienced and accomplished professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. We are working together to develop exceptional products and services to help our clients and customers achieve their goals and to bring the CultureFuse vision to life.

If you have a project involving communications, educational programs, or events for international or multicultural audiences in the U.S., and you want to make it impactful and special, CultureFuse is for you. Please see our services for more details about the multimedia work we do for clients and stay tuned for our unique products that will be coming soon. You can always refer to the contact page for how to reach us.

Thank you for visiting the CultureFuse site. We look forward to serving you and bringing cultures together for many years to come!

Olga M. Zhivov
Founder & Principal